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Update: Traffic stops and arrests at the Electric Forest Festival

Update: Traffic stops and arrests at the Electric Forest Festival

The festival is now under way and the weather today (Friday) is beautiful here in West Michigan.  Some people, however, might not have been fortunate enough to make it all the way to the festival yesterday.  Word on the street is that there were nearly 50 traffic stops along I-94 yesterday, where it seems the police were targeting out of state drivers clearly headed toward the festival.  If you or somebody you know was stopped and either given a civil infraction or charged with a drug crime, our West Michigan criminal defense attorneys are standing by to answer your questions in a free consultation.  The police must have a proper legal basis for stopping somebody and simply being from out of state or out of the area will not pass constitutional muster.  In one incident, pot brownies were strewn along the highway near Muskegon (click here for article).

In general traffic flowed along pretty good, but it did get pretty congested at the north entrance due to an accident.  The traffic jam was resolved quickly and people are now having a great time (click here for more on today’s festivities).

Be safe and have fun.  If you run into any issues, please call our Electric Forest Festival lawyers 24/7 @ (231) 924-8700 or (616) 458-5500.  Our criminal defense attorneys are located near Rothbury and Hart and have a lot of experience successfully resolving drug charges arising out of the festival.  Click here for reviews from our happy clients from the festival in years past.

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