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Our DUI defense attorneys leave no stone unturned in defending DUI cases, employing discovery demands, FOIA requests, subpoenas, independent investigations, and experts, so can examine all of the evidence in the case, not just the evidence the prosecution wants to focus on.

Springstead Bartish Borgula & Lynch, PLLC DUI defense attorneys leave no stone unturned in defending DUI cases.This includes, among other things, obtaining:

        • Video/audio of your encounter with the police, e.g., dashcam videos, in-car audio, lapel microphone recordings, police station videos
        • The police report and any notes related to your case
        • The results of any scientific or chemical tests, i.e., blood or breath tests, and any underlying data or evidence, i.e., calibration reports, repair records, and uncertainty estimates or “error rates”
        • Booking photos and reports
        • Radio traffic, i.e., 911 calls, police radio, or dispatch recordings related to your case

In addition, we conduct our own, independent investigations that include interviewing our client and any witnesses in the case; visiting and photographing the scene of the traffic stop; using FOIA – Freedom of Information Act requests to uncover evidence the police and prosecution do not necessarily turn over as part of our discovery requests; obtaining any useful or exculpatory evidence from the DUI defense organizations to which we belong (National College of DUI Defense, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys, Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan, and the Darrow forum on Google); and consulting with expert witness where appropriate.

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