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Aggressive Defense of Possession / Distribution of Child Pornography Charges in Federal Court

When you are accused of a sex crime, regardless of whether it is a computer crime like possession or distribution of child pornography or a sexual assault, your reputation and future are on the line.  Those facing federal charges for any of these alleged violations of law face harsh mandatory minimum sentences and lengthy prison sentences under the federal sentencing guidelines.  At Springstead Bartish Borgula & Lynch, PLLC., our team of Grand Rapids sex crimes defense attorneys features two former FBI agents, two former military JAGs, four former federal prosecutors and the former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Michigan, who possess decades of combined experience handling/defending challenging federal prosecutions, such as:

  • Possession or Distribution of Child Pornography
  • Manufacturing Child Pornography
  • Sexual Exploitation of a Minor
  • Innocent Images Prosecutions
  • Aggravated sexual abuse
  • Distribution of obscene materials through the mail
  • Crossing state lines with the intent to engage in any sexual act with a child under 12 years old
  • Online solicitation
  • Sex Offenders Registration Act violation
  • Human trafficking

Advanced defenses in Internet sex crimes

The Internet creates a false sense of anonymity and privacy that often results in reduced inhibitions. A seemingly innocent flirtation can be perceived as solicitation. In addition, you may unknowingly engage in conversations with minors in chat rooms and on social media sites. Federal agents continuously and aggressively monitor the Internet for online solicitations of minors and transmissions of child pornography. Their methods can sometimes rise to the level of entrapment or over-zealous prosecutions that trample First Amendment rights to free speech.Our tech-savvy sex crime defense attorneys in Grand Rapids remain up-to-date on the newest networking websites and the passage of regulations affecting users. We also are knowledgeable about computer forensics methods for searching and collecting evidence from computers and from social media servers — including comments and images that have been deleted. Armed with the latest information about Internet investigations and computer forensics, we effectively challenge law enforcement officers who seek to subpoena your data or charge you in crimes involving online solicitation or child pornography.

Springstead Bartish Borgula & Lynch, P.L.L.C. are SEX CRIMES DEFENSE ATTORNEYS in Grand Rapids, MI.Child abduction and human trafficking cases

Child victims of sex abuse, trafficking and assault reasonably stir jurors’ compassion and concern — thereby making cases involving minors particularly challenging. However, a fair criminal justice system is based on facts, not on emotions. The prosecution must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt through reliable evidence. We hold them to this duty. Our team has extensive training in DNA, fingerprint and ballistic forensic collections and analysis techniques. We understand scientific evidence and can determine flaws in reliability and accuracy that can lead jurors to the wrong conclusions.

Learn more from our assertive Grand Rapids sex crime defense attorneys

If you have been charged with a federal sex crime, call Springstead Bartish Borgula & Lynch, PLLC.’s Grand Rapids office at 616-458-5500 or our Fremont office at 616-458-5500 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.

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