Drugged Driving — Operating Under the Influence of Drugs (OUID)

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Michigan imposes serious penalties on individuals convicted of drugged driving offenses. You may face lengthy imprisonment, heavy fines and suspension of your driving privileges. The stringent laws of Michigan allow arresting officers to obtain a warrant for drug testing if you are suspected of operating under the influence of drugs (OUID) and refuse to submit to an immediate roadside test.

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Michigan per se laws governing drugged driving

Michigan’s drugged driving per se laws mean even trace elements of a Schedule I drug or cocaine in a person’s system while driving can result in an OUID charge — also referred to as operating while under the influence of drugs (OWID). This charge may be in addition to separate potential arrests for possession, sale, trafficking or other drug-related offenses. Violation of Michigan’s zero tolerance statutes can result in serious penalties, including the following for a first-time conviction:

  • Up to 93 days in jail
  • Between $100 and $500 in fines and driver responsibility fees of up to $1,000
  • Driver’s license suspension for 30 days and restriction for 150 days
  • Vehicle immobilization
  • Installation of ignition interlock device
  • Up to 360 hours of community service

Sentences increase substantially with a second OUID conviction within seven years — including up to one year of incarceration. Three drugged driving arrests within your lifetime may result in a felony conviction that carries a sentence of one to five years of imprisonment. With so much at stake, you need our experienced Grand Rapids attorneys to aggressively fight your charges. Among other approaches, we can identify issues involving improper stops and seizures that may have led to an illegal warrant and arrest for OUID.

Serious OWID accidents

OWID accidents involving serious injuries are often prosecuted as felonies. Injuring another person in such a situation can result in up to five years of imprisonment. If you are convicted of an OWID accident that causes fatal injuries, you can receive up to 15 years’ imprisonment. If a first responder died in the accident, you can be sentenced to up to 20 years if convicted for drugged driving. Our Muskegon drunk driving defense attorneys are skilled at challenging prosecution evidence — such as accident reports, field sobriety tests, video tapes and saliva and blood drug analysis methods.

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