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Springstead Bartish Borgula & Lynch, PLLC attorneys in Grand Rapids have handled countless MIP’s for our clients and helped them avoid having a conviction on their record.Helping College Students Avoid MIP Convictions

Campus police and law enforcement in college towns appear to make no concessions to college students who get caught drinking or possessing alcohol. While College-age adults are legally allowed to smoke, fight in a war and enter into a binding contract, they are prohibited from consuming or possessing alcoholic beverages. These zero tolerance statutes impose criminal convictions on young adults, who, in short order, will either be looking for a job or applying to graduate school, possible with a conviction on their record. While an MIP conviction is certainly not the crime of the century, it could be a hinderance to finding a job or attaining your future goals and, quite possibly, entirely avoidable.

Springstead Bartish Borgula & Lynch, PLLC has handled countless MIP’s for our clients and helped them avoid having a conviction on their record.  Our criminal defense attorneys in Grand Rapids handle your case with discretion and determination, with the dual goals of minimizing the immediate penalties and of reducing the long-term consequences of an MIP | Minor In Possession.

Michigan’s Zero Tolerance MIP Laws

The strict zero tolerance laws prohibit individuals under the age of 21 from purchasing, possessing, consuming or transporting alcohol. MIP consequences can be severe. The courts can impose a sentence that includes fines, driver’s license suspension, community service and alcohol screening. Using a fake ID to purchase alcohol can lead to a sentence of incarceration for minors in possession. Our attorneys in Grand Rapids protect your rights in the criminal justice system.

Zero Tolerance Statutes for Under-Age Drivers

Under Michigan’s zero tolerance laws, adults who are under the age of 21 can be criminally charged for driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of just 0.02 percent. Zero tolerance laws carry serious penalties for first-time offenders — including extensive community service hours, heavy fines and driver’s license restrictions for 30 days. Under-aged drivers who are convicted of a second offense within seven years also face jail sentences and 90-day driver’s license suspension. A prior drunk or drugged driving conviction can additionally result in a minimum of a one-year driver’s license revocation for Grand Rapids minors in possession.

Our attorneys challenge the prosecutors’ evidence — including legality of the stop, accuracy of the officer’s observations, reliability of the Breathalyzer test and reliability of the field sobriety tests — to effectively weaken the case against you. We might also negotiate for deferred prosecution so you can avoid a criminal record, if appropriate in your case.

Learn more about challenging MIP charges in West Michigan courts

To learn more about your rights if you have been arrested for possessing alcohol as a minor, call the West Michigan criminal defense attorney at Springstead Bartish Borgula & Lynch, PLLC’s Grand Rapids office at 616-458-5500 or our Fremont office at 616-458-5500 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.

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