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Aggressive Defense of  Drug Possession, Distribution, and Manufacture/Delivery Charges

Springstead Bartish Borgula & Lynch, PLLC DRUG CRIME DEFENSE LAWYERS in Grand Rapids, MichiganThe award-winning drug crime defense attorneys at Springstead Bartish Borgula & Lynch, PLLC are dedicated to defending clients accused of crimes throughout West Michigan. Our team of drug crime defense lawyers in Grand Rapids and Fremont have defended countless felony and misdemeanor drug charges and features two former-FBI agents and a former active-duty military JAG attorney. If you or somebody you know is accused of a drug crime, you should consult with an experienced drug crime attorney immediately because the stakes are high.

The sale, distribution, import and manufacturing of illegal drugs often carries staggering penalties which far outweigh their sentences. Even with a misdemeanor drug possession charge, the impact on your life can be substantial, including losing eligibility for student loans, being denied mortgages or even deportation for immigrants. More serious charges may cause you to spend years of your life in prison.

We have successfully defended clients across the spectrum of seriousness, from simple possession of marijuana all the way up to conspiracy to manufacture and distribute substantial amounts of cocaine. We have also represented clients charged with manufacturing marijuana in violation of the Michigan Medical Marijuana act. Many of these charges are brought after state authorities have obtained evidence through the use of warrantless searches. We thoroughly review every aspect of the states case against you, and if possible attack, these warrantless searches on constitutional grounds. We emphasize regular communication and a straightforward approach to your defense so that you know what to expect during your arrest and prosecution when you are charged with a drug crime.

We also have extensive success in negotiating for alternative sentences that might include drug counseling and treatment and deferred prosecution, if that approach is appropriate for your case. When trial can produce the best results, we zealously defend you in the courts against allegations of drug possession, distribution and trafficking.

Driver’s License Suspensions

Under Michigan’s tough laws, a drug conviction can result in driver’s license suspension — regardless of whether you were driving when the alleged offense occurred. First-time offenders face a six-month suspension, with a second offense within seven years carrying a one-year suspension. Our Grand Rapids drug crime defense lawyers can appeal for you to receive restricted driving privileges 30 days after your first violation or 60 days after subsequent convictions. However, time is of the essence in filing an appeal for driving rights, so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss both your criminal charges and your driver’s license suspension.

Alternative Resolutions to Drug Offense: Sobriety Court and § 7411

Michigan state courts offer a number of alternatives to dispose of drug charges without sustaining a criminal conviction. There is a provision of the Michigan Controlled Substances Act found at MCL 333.7411, known as “7411” that allows persons charged for the first time with use or possession of marijuana, analogues, or controlled substances such as cocaine or heroin to avoid a criminal conviction by successfully completing a term of probation. 7411 is not available for drug trafficking offenses. The probation terms will require that the defendant abstain from the use of all controlled substances and alcohol and may require substance abuse counseling and random drug tests. Upon successfully completion of this probation, the court will discharge the individual and dismiss the charges against him. An individual is afforded only one opportunity to take advantage of 7411.

Our attorneys have negotiated 7411 dispositions for numerous clients. We have even negotiated 7411 dispositions for clients charged with drug trafficking offenses by convincing the prosecuting attorneys office to reduce the charge to a simple possession charge.

A number of courts in West Michigan also have drug court programs. These programs are designed for non-violent defendants charged with misdemeanor and felony drug and drug related offenses who have a substance abuse history, and are likely to continue a pattern of crime because of their addiction. It is a voluntary program that includes regular court appearances before a designated drug court judge. The program lasts at least one year and includes random drug tests and substance abuse counseling. Entry into the program requires that the participant admits guilt before a judge. The plea is then often taken under advisement. If the program is completed successfully, the criminal plea may be withdrawn or the charges reduced or dismissed by the judge. Our attorneys have assisted numerous clients with placement into drug court programs.

Drug Charges Arising Out of the Electric Forest Music Festival

Since 2008, Rothbury has hosted the popular Electric Forest Festival, where cutting-edge electronic and jam band artists perform in a four-day event. The Electric Forest Festival is always a highlight of Michigan’s summer music scene. The event is also a forum for law enforcement to conduct large-scale arrests. Historically, concert-goers have been searched upon entry to the festival for such illegal drugs as ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, hallucinogens and mushrooms. In addition, police target drunk drivers leaving the festival grounds.

We urge you not to spoil an otherwise enjoyable weekend by bringing contraband to the event or by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, we are immediately available if you need us. Plug our phone number, (231) 924-8700, into your phone now. In preparation for the event, we forward these calls directly to the cell phones of our criminal defense attorneys in Grand Rapids. If you or somebody you know has been accused of a crime arising out of the Electric Forest Music Festival, please visit our Electric Forest Festival page or contact our Electric Forest defense attorneys directly because Electric Forest prosecutions are handled differently than most drug prosecutions and you should consult with an attorney who regularly defends these cases.

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