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What Are My Rights if I Am Accused of a Federal Crime?

What Are My Rights if I Am Accused of a Federal Crime?

Having the weight of the federal government on your back is very frightening. If you don’t handle yourself right, you can find your future changed forever.  Just being charged with a federal crime carries a stigma, even though by U.S. law you are innocent until proven guilty. Federal criminal lawyers work to protect your rights and ensure you get the fair hearing you deserve.

The United States Sentencing Commission reports that more than one million federal offenders were sentenced between fiscal years 1991 and 2008. That number continues to grow each year, as federal crimes are zealously prosecuted. Don’t become a statistic. Protect your rights and consult an attorney as soon as possible.

Generally, “rights” in the federal criminal justice system refer to the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. These include:

  • Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, and cruel and  unusual punishment
  • Right to remain silent, legal counsel and due process of law
  • Equal protection under the law
  • Protection from double jeopardy
  • Speedy and public trial
  • Ability to confront one’s accusers
  • Subpoenas for witnesses
  • No excessive bail

However, not all of these rights apply in all cases.  A federal criminal defense lawyer in Grand Rapids can evaluate your case and advise you of your rights.

At the office of Springstead Bartish & Borgula Law P.L.L.C., you are never treated like a criminal. The dedicated attorneys at our office stand by you through the entire federal criminal law process, working for the best possible outcome.

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