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Update on Status of Electric Forest Festival

I went to Court today to hear for myself the status of this year’s concert.  What follows is a synopsis of what I gathered in Court today about the pending legal dispute (see article for more information):

1) The Electric Forest Festival’s promoter, AEG, tried to intervene in a court case to protect a 20-year agreement they had struck w/ the legal entity that owned the property on which the festival took place, so they could continue to use the Double JJ as a venue for the Electric Forest Festival.  2)  The Court denied AEG’s motion to intervene in the case, basically on the grounds that the case was essentially over already and there was no reason to reopen the matter at this point.

So, what does this mean to concertgoers?  Maybe not much.  It just seems to push down the road another legal dispute between whomever controls the Double JJ and AEG about whether both parties should be legally required to honor the 20-year agreement.  (The validity of the 20-year agreement is in question following what the Court described as essentially a judicial foreclosure on the legal entity that controls the property, in which the entity’s legal obligations (debts, etc.) previously were settled, but apparently not the 20-year agreement).  Whether AEG wins that dispute and continues to run the concert, or even if one of AEG’s competitors, for instance, controls the rights to the Double JJ, there seems to be several million $$$ reasons why the show will go on at the Double JJ one way or another.  Of course, the parties could negotiate their own settlement without resorting to court.  My guess is that there is too much at stake for this year’s concert not to happen one way or another. #ElectricForest

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