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Ludington Michigan’s New Felony Court Judge Sworn-In

Ludington Michigan’s New Felony Court Judge Sworn-In

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The Mason County Court
House, Ludington, Michigan

Ludington Michigan’s Circuit Court Judge-Elect Susan Sniegowski was officially sworn-in as Mason County’s Circuit Court Judge, the first female Judge in Mason County history.  Sniegowski’s term officially begins January 1st, 2015, though a swearing-in ceremony was held on Monday, December 22, 2014.  Click here for more coverage from the local media, including a video of event in which the sitting Judges and audience members talk about Sniegowski.

Judge-Elect Sniegowski could play a critical role in both misdemeanor and felony criminal cases in Ludington when she takes the bench.  While it is well-known that a Circuit Court Judge has a tremendous impact on felony criminal cases handled in their courtroom, the impact a Circuit Court Judge can have on misdemeanor cases and bindovers is sometimes overlooked.  Because Circuit Court Judges also consider appeals from District Court, which handles misdemeanor criminal cases and preliminary examinations in felony cases, the Circuit Court  can have a tremendous impact on the District Court by affirming or overturnings its decisions on appeal.  The Circuit Court can also impact routine matters such as its views on the admissibility of evidence and the thresholds for probable cause in criminal cases, as both the prosecutor and criminal defense attorneys, as a practical matter, often take heed of the Circuit Court’s views on the same, even if they aren’t bound by the principles of stare decisis to follow the Circuit Court’s lead.

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