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Looking for a DUI attorney in Muskegon to Win a Borderline Breath or Blood Case?

Looking for a DUI attorney in Muskegon to Win a Borderline Breath or Blood Case?

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If you are facing a DUI prosecution in Muskegon, or anywhere else along the lakeshore like Grand Haven, Hart, Ludington, White Cloud, or Big Rapids, and it’s a borderline case, your case may be winnable.  Just make sure you hire an attorney who knows how to attack the results of breath and blood tests because those tests are not perfect and there is a margin of error or uncertainty inherent in the results. When the police try to estimate how much alcohol is present in your breath or blood, it is NOT an exact science.  In fact, it is a very complicated, scientific endeavor to even come up with a reliable estimate.

Muskegon County uses the DataMaster DMT, a breath-alcohol testing machine, to estimate how much alcohol is in a sample of your breath.  Drunk driving | DUI defense attorney Gary K. Springstead, who regularly defends DUI’s in Muskegon MI, recently led a groundbreaking scientific challenge to the admissibility of the DataMaster DMT in Michigan.  After challenging the scientific validity of the DMT for more than a year in what is referred to as a Daubert hearing, Attorney Springstead forced the State of Michigan to admit that there was more uncertainty in the DMT’s results than the manufacturer or the State initially claimed.  The uncertainty in the device itself is enough to make a huge difference in close calls and raise serious doubts about whether the State can prove you are over the legal limit.  And if the uncertainty in the DMT’s estimates alone aren’t enough to win your case, it is important to remember that the human factor is, perhaps, the biggest question mark in the whole equation.  The DUI attorneys at Springstead Bartish & Borgula Law regularly defend DUI’s in Muskegon and know how to challenge the results of these tests and will use science and their experience forcing the state’s experts to admit the uncertainty inherent in these tests to try and win your DUI case.   Call now for a free consultation (231) 924-8700 or (616) 458-5500.

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