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2017 Electric Forest Festival Legal Update: New Judges to Handle Felony Cases in Oceana County

For the last seven years, anybody accused of a felony in Oceana County, MI, appeared in front of either the Hon. Anthony Monton or the Hon. Terrence Thomas.  While each judge had their own judicial philosophy, after decades on the bench, their views on criminal/drug cases were well known and, as the Electric Forest Festival grew, […]

Big Changes in 2017 for Newaygo County and Oceana County’s 27th Circuit Court

Judge Anthony Monton Set to Retire After serving as a Circuit Court Judge since 1988, Judge Anthony R. Monton is retiring, effective March 1, 2017.  According to the Judge, his last day on the bench is February 24, 2017. A fixture in the legal community in Oceana and Newaygo for more than four decades, Judge Monton began his legal […]

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5 Tips for Traveling to the 2016 Electric Forest Festival

Electric Forest Festival 2016 The 2016 Electric Forest Festival is almost here and tens of thousands of concertgoers are getting ready to head out to the Forest. Law enforcement also knows this. If you don’t want to be the stopped by the police on your way to the Forest, review these 5 tips: Tip #1 […]

The Show Goes On: Electric Forest Gets Approval for 2015

Grant Township, where the Electric Forest Festival is held each year, just approved the annual permit to allow the Electric Forest Festival to be held in 2015.  (Click here for more).

Will MDMA (a/k/a Ecstasy or Molly) Overdose at Electric Forest Impact Criminal / Drug Cases?

An autopsy has revealed that a young man, who died at the Electric Forest Festival in 2014, died as the result of “acute methylnedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) toxicity,” or an overdose of MDMA.  Click here for more from a news article on the autopsy.

Update: Felony Drug Charges From Electric Forest Festival Dismissed

Yesterday, the Electric Forest Festival Attorneys at Springstead Bartish & Borgula Law learned that serious felony drug charges in two separate cases, where we had just filed legal briefs asking the Court to suppress evidence the week before, were being dismissed by the Prosecutor.  While it is unusual for a prosecutor to dismiss such charges […]

Great News: Electric Forest for the Foreseeable Future!

The Double JJ Ranch and the producers of the Electric Forest have come to an agreement that will ensure that the show will go on for, at least, the next ten years.  After the legal battles that threatened the show this past year, that is great news!  And your Electric Forest Attorneys at Springstead Bartish […]

Oceana County Prosecutor Releases Criminal Arrest / Charges Total from Electric Forest in Rothbury

Despite the record turnout this year, there were actually fewer criminal arrests and charges stemming from the Electric Forest Festival this year.  The Oceana County Prosecutor (Joe Bizon) in Hart, MI, told the media (click here for story) that the police investigated more than 70 incidents at the Festival, but ended up seeking charges against […]

What’s the big deal with the Sherwood Forest at the Electric Forest Festival?

Here is virtual walk through of the Sherwood Forest (click here), which gives a glimpse into what makes this concert so unique and entertaining.

Electric Forest Festival – Know Your Rights (video) re Drug Charges

Check out our video on the Electric Forest Festival (click here).  If you are approached by the police or charged with a drug charge at the festival, it is important for you to know your rights.