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United States Sentencing Commission Proposing Reduction in ALL Federal Drug Offenses

The United States Sentencing Commission voted on January 9, 2014 to publish proposed guideline amendments that would lower by two levels the base offense level for all federal drug trafficking crimes.  This proposed change would like lower sentences by an average of 11 months and reduce the number of federal prisoners by an estimated 6,550 […]

How the Police and Prosecution Prove a Drunk Driving Case After an Accident: A Primer

In a drunk driving (DUI) case in Michigan, generally speaking, the prosecution must prove three main things: (1)  The driver was “operating” a motor vehicle; (2)  The driver was intoxicated while they were driving; and, (3)  The “operation” of the motor vehicle occurred on a public road or area immediately accessible to the public or […]

Charges Dropped in DUI (Drunk Driving) in Grand Haven Earns Glowing Review

The West Michigan DUI defense attorneys at Springstead Bartish & Borgula Law were able to get a criminal DUI charge dropped completely after a client was charged with a DUI after blowing .07 and .08 in Grand Haven. “Gary is the best and he saved me a lot of money and was more than worth […]

Springstead & Bartish Among Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Grand Rapids and the State of Michigan

(Photo:  Front Row (L-R): Charles “Chip” Chamberlain, Larry Willey, Jeffrey J. O’Hara; Back Row (L-R) Mike R. Bartish, Gary K. Springstead, and J. Terrance Dillon (not pictured:  James Brady)) Seven Grand Rapids area criminal defense attorneys have earned the prestigious designation of “Super Lawyer” for criminal law in 2014.  The Super Lawyer award is bestowed […]

Great News: Electric Forest for the Foreseeable Future!

The Double JJ Ranch and the producers of the Electric Forest have come to an agreement that will ensure that the show will go on for, at least, the next ten years.  After the legal battles that threatened the show this past year, that is great news!  And your Electric Forest Attorneys at Springstead Bartish […]

What Federal Charges Can the Hacker Who Hacked Jennifer Lawrence’s and Kate Upton’s iPhone Expect?

This past weekend a number of celebrities iCloud accounts were hacked and some very personal (read: racy) pictures were made public.  Click here for an article with a rundown of other celebrities who were hacked.  This got me thinking of what the feds might do in response.  

Will the Legalization of Marijuana Increase Traffic Deaths?

As this article shows, the government will be carefully studying the affects of the legalization of marijuana on traffic deaths.  

Defense for Juveniles

Nearly everyone knows a young person who has made a mistake. Having a permanent record at a young age is detrimental to your future as you may be required to disclose the incident on employment or college applications. Don’t let the mistakes of your youth affect your bright future. We offer student discounts and encourage […]

Oceana County Prosecutor Releases Criminal Arrest / Charges Total from Electric Forest in Rothbury

Despite the record turnout this year, there were actually fewer criminal arrests and charges stemming from the Electric Forest Festival this year.  The Oceana County Prosecutor (Joe Bizon) in Hart, MI, told the media (click here for story) that the police investigated more than 70 incidents at the Festival, but ended up seeking charges against […]

What’s the big deal with the Sherwood Forest at the Electric Forest Festival?

Here is virtual walk through of the Sherwood Forest (click here), which gives a glimpse into what makes this concert so unique and entertaining.