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Drunk Driving | DUI Defense Attorneys | Lawyers | Muskegon MI

We are putting out of a lot of new content on our drunk driving homepage, including a whole page on drunk driving | DUI charges in Muskegon, Michigan (click here to check it out).  The Muskegon Drunk Driving | DUI page includes a description of the prosecutors who bring DUI charges, the district court judges […]

Federal Criminal Charges in Grand Rapids Embezzlement | Credit Card Fraud Case

An Mlive article details an interesting new federal criminal case filed in Grand Rapid recently (click here to read the full story).  In the article, the federal prosecutor describes the alleged scheme.

Looking for a DUI attorney in Muskegon to Win a Borderline Breath or Blood Case?

If you are facing a DUI prosecution in Muskegon, or anywhere else along the lakeshore like Grand Haven, Hart, Ludington, White Cloud, or Big Rapids, and it’s a borderline case, your case may be winnable.  Just make sure you hire an attorney who knows how to attack the results of breath and blood tests because […]

Legal Issues to Consider in the Federal Criminal Defense of a Federal RICO or Gang Prosecution…

Whenever the federal government targets a group of people for federal criminal prosecution, whether it’s a gang or another organized group like the mafia or a drug trafficking organization, federal criminal defense attorneys face several challenges in how to defend the case.

Interesting MLive Article on Federal Prosecutor’s Efforts to Break-Up Gang

John Agar of MLive has a good article summarizing the federal prosecution and dismantling of the Holland Latin Kings in federal court in Grand Rapids (Click here to read the article). From the perspective of a federal criminal defense attorney in West Michigan, I believe this case will prove to be a very important case […]

Federal Drug Conviction on Appeal…

In my first guest blog on the Red Dog Defender, a blog started by a great, young attorney at the Federal Defender’s Office in Grand Rapids, I analyze a recent criminal appeal in the Sixth Circuit stemming from a drug trafficking conviction in the Western District of Michigan.  Check it out and let me know what […]

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney | Lawyer | Grand Rapids MI

If you are looking for a federal criminal defense attorney / lawyer in West Michigan, look no further than Springstead Bartish & Borgula Law.  I just updated our federal criminal defense homepage and will be providing a lot of new, relevant content to our federal criminal practice pages in the coming days, including an FAQ […]

The Show Goes On: Electric Forest Gets Approval for 2015

Grant Township, where the Electric Forest Festival is held each year, just approved the annual permit to allow the Electric Forest Festival to be held in 2015.  (Click here for more).

Will MDMA (a/k/a Ecstasy or Molly) Overdose at Electric Forest Impact Criminal / Drug Cases?

An autopsy has revealed that a young man, who died at the Electric Forest Festival in 2014, died as the result of “acute methylnedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) toxicity,” or an overdose of MDMA.  Click here for more from a news article on the autopsy.

Update: Felony Drug Charges From Electric Forest Festival Dismissed

Yesterday, the Electric Forest Festival Attorneys at Springstead Bartish & Borgula Law learned that serious felony drug charges in two separate cases, where we had just filed legal briefs asking the Court to suppress evidence the week before, were being dismissed by the Prosecutor.  While it is unusual for a prosecutor to dismiss such charges […]