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Assault and Battery: A Misunderstood Crime

Assault and Battery: A Misunderstood Crime

An assault is the placing of a person in fear of imminent bodily harm; the harm is referred to as the battery (an unwanted physical touching). These cases often arise as one would ordinarily envision, an all-out brawl. However, instances of heated arguments among family or friends can also be considered an assault and battery. The problem is that once the dust settles, the parties may realize the argument was just that and nothing more. Once the police are called, however, the issue is not so clear cut. Careful analysis and review of the circumstances are needed to untangle the claim. If you are involved in such a situation and accused of assault and battery, consulting a trained attorney is crucial to your defense.

A recent article illustrates the frequency with which reports of assault and battery result in arrest. The unfortunate reality of these arrests is that many are calls made in the heat of an argument or domestic dispute. Nonetheless, once the arrest is made a defense must be established. A strong defense can help reduce possible penalties, which include:

  • First offense: 93 days in jail and a $500.00 fine
  • Second offense: 1 year in jail and a $1000.00 fine
  • Third offense: is considered a felony and carries a penalty of 2 years in jail and a $2,500.0 fine

Convictions also mean a prohibition against possession of firearms, which may be disruptive to your life and lifestyle. Protect your rights by using a knowledgeable attorney dedicated to preserving your freedoms. Vigorous defense can result in lesser charges, or probationary periods put in place in lieu of other penalties. Our persuasive advocates at Springstead Bartish & Borgula Law P.L.L.C. give your case their complete range of knowledge and seek a satisfactory resolution. Call Grand Rapids and Fremont criminal defense attorneys offering free initial consultations for help.



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