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Assault and Battery: A Misunderstood Crime

An assault is the placing of a person in fear of imminent bodily harm; the harm is referred to as the battery (an unwanted physical touching). These cases often arise as one would ordinarily envision, an all-out brawl. However, instances of heated arguments among family or friends can also be considered an assault and battery. […]

What are Drug Crimes?

United States laws make the possession, manufacture, distribution and abuse of controlled substances illegal. These drug crimes involve narcotics, marijuana and other illegal drugs — as well as the misuse of prescription drugs. A simple charge of possession can result in felony charges, jail time, the loss of your reputation and future employment opportunities. A […]

What Crimes Can Affect My Immigration Status?

Certain criminal convictions can lead to immigrants being deported from the United States. However, you don’t necessarily have to be convicted — just admitting to elements of a crime can affect your immigration status. Not just felonies are considered — a misdemeanor conviction may count against you as well. A knowledgeable immigration attorney can work […]

What Are My Rights if I Am Accused of a Federal Crime?

Having the weight of the federal government on your back is very frightening. If you don’t handle yourself right, you can find your future changed forever.  Just being charged with a federal crime carries a stigma, even though by U.S. law you are innocent until proven guilty. Federal criminal lawyers work to protect your rights […]

What are My Miranda Rights?

Law enforcement officers are under pressure to get arrests and convictions for violent crimes. In the rush to judgment, innocent people’s rights can be trampled upon. There may be attempts at coercion or bullying. Even if you have been arrested for a violent crime, you still have rights under the law. Violent crimes defense lawyers […]