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Penalties for 1st Offense Drunk Driving in Muskegon Michigan

Penalties for 1st Offense Drunk Driving in Muskegon Michigan

Hon. Raymond Kostzrewa

Hon. Raymond Kostzrewa

This past week, a client had a sentencing in Muskegon, MI, after pleading guilty to drunk driving (DUI / OWI) first offense.  It was a pretty routine DUI overall.  My client had never been in trouble before and his/her BAC was over the legal limit but well-below a high-BAC.  The only aggravating factor was that my client fell asleep and went off the road.  My client was fine and no one else was injured.  I wanted to share the penalties because a lot of clients want to know what is going to happen to them after they are charged with drunk driving and this sentencing was slightly different (not in a bad way) than the numerous others I have handled in Muskegon.  The main difference was that it was my first sentencing in front of newly appointed District Court Judge Raymond J. “Randy” Kostrzewa.  Judge Kostrzewa was very pleasant, respectful and patient to all in attendance, including a defendant who was representing himself and doing a bit too much talking, IMHO.  Here’s the sentence he handed down in my client’s case:

  • Fines/costs:  $400
  • Reimbursement of officer’s wages:  $100
  • Probation fee:  $75
  • Probation for 3 months
  • No additional jail.
  • Successful completion of the A.R.M. (Accepting Responsibility is Mandatory) program (an intensive weekend of individual and group counseling at Camp Pendalouan, which includes the Alcohol Highway Education and Impact Weekend program).

The two big differences are: probation has been reduced to 3 months from a year and the court has added a mandatory completion of A.R.M. as a requirement of probation.  All in all, not bad tradeoff.  I am anxious to hear what my clients think of A.R.M. and will pass along their thoughts.  For more about DUI’s in Muskegon, please visit our muskegon drunk driving page.

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