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Serving all of West Michigan

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Super Lawyers Dedicated to Criminal, Drug & Drunk Driving Defense in Grand Rapids and West Michigan 

Attorneys Springstead and Bartish were both deemed Super Lawyers in criminal defense in 2014 (an honor bestowed on less than 5% of all attorneys in the state) and focus almost exclusively on Criminal Defense in West Michigan.  Why?  Springstead & Bartish Law believes it gives our criminal defense attorneys and our clients an advantage in defending criminal charges (DUI, drugs, sex crimes, white collar crimes, MIP's, etc.) in state court and federal court in Grand Rapids and throughout West Michigan.  After all, most prosecutors practice in only one area of the law:  criminal law.  In order to level the playing field, our attorneys focus almost exclusively on criminal defense.  Our attorneys are personable and smart, having attended some of the top colleges and law schools in the state and country. Unlike a lot of other law firms and attorneys, we do not accept state court-appointed cases so that we can focus all of our time energy on our retained clients.  With two offices in West Michigan (Grand Rapids & Fremont), the West Michigan criminal defense attorneys at Springstead & Bartish Law are conveniently located close to you and the court handling your case.  Our lawyers know that defending our clients with the depth of knowledge and experience that comes from focusing on criminal defense day-in-and-day-out makes us better at what we do.  It allows us the time and the experience to master all the various aspects of a West Michigan criminal case in order to get better result for our clients.  

This includes mastering:  

  • Pre-charge investigation
  • Grand jury investigations
  • Pre-charge plea bargaining (before the prosecution becomes entrenched in the case)
  • Cooperation; arraignment
  • Bond/detention hearings
  • Discovery
  • Effective plea negotiations (including knowing a good deal from a bad deal)
  • Filing pre-trial motions (with an aim toward winning the case or excluding critical evidence from trial)
  • Jury selection
  • The rules of evidence
  • Jury trials
  • Cross-examination
  • Post-trial motions for acquittal or new trial
  • Pre-sentence interviews PSI's), pre-sentence investigation reports (PSR's)
  • The sentencing guidelines; motions for downward departures/variances
  • Sentencing; deferred sentences
  • Deferred plea agreements
  • Alternatives to traditional incarceration
  • Making persuasive written and oral arguments on appeal.  

Mastering these criminal law areas of practice is critical if you want to be regarded as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Big Rapids and throughout West Michigan.  Attorneys Springstead and Bartish are regarded as among the best in the State of Michigan in criminal defense, according to Super Lawyers, an honor bestowed on only five other Grand Rapids criminal defense attorneys in 2014, not including Rising Stars. The reason we focus our practice on criminal defense is so we can master all of the different aspects of a Michigan criminal case, any one of which could make a tremendous difference in our clients' cases.  

When you hire the Grand Rapids criminal law firm of Springstead & Bartish Law, PLLC, our attorneys use their unique experience and in-depth knowledge of state and federal criminal law to try and win your case or get you the best possible results.  Our lawyers represent clients in criminal cases throughout West Michigan and regularly appear in courts in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Grand Haven, Hudsonville, Big Rapids, White Cloud, Hart, Ludington, Holland, and Allegan.  

One Former J.A.G. Attorney and Two Former F.B.I. Agents

The West Michigan Law Firm of Springstead & Bartish Law is led by a former active-duty Judge Advocate General and two former F.B.I. Special Agents.  This unique experience allows us to better understand what prosecutors and investigators think, how they will build their criminal cases, the strategies they are likely to pursue, and the best means of countering the prosecution’s case and presenting a compelling criminal defense.  There simply is no substitute for this type of experience.

Award-Winning, Local Attorneys 

West Michigan is our home.  This is important because we believe a criminal defense attorney is most effective when he or she knows the prosecutors as well as the judges on a court case. When you know your audience and your adversary, we believe you can tailor your legal defense arguments more effectively.  We are zealous advocates for our clients while still being personable and professional. This approach has earned us a reputation as honorable yet formidable advocates.  In fact, both Attorney Springstead and Attorney Bartish have been named Super Lawyers in 2014 and earned Superb 10.0 Ratings on Avvo, while also earning Avvo's Client Choice Award as criminal law attorneys and the effort they put forth on their client's behalf.

Compassionate, Personable, and Trustworthy

Being accused of a crime can take a toll on a person and a family.  We understand.  That’s why we take every criminal defense case personally and never lose sight of our goal—to win your court case or get you the best result possible. At Springstead & Bartish Law, our attorneys are easy to reach and personable, will guide you through what can be a daunting process, answer your questions, explain where your case is headed, and lay out a strategy for a successful resolution.  Our clients seem to appreciate this approach, which has produced excellent results and satisfied clients.

Don’t Take Chances with Your Future

As one of the best criminal law firms in Grand Rapids and West Michigan, we can help you or your family members. Contact Springstead & Bartish Law online, Grand Rapids at (616) 458-5500 or in Fremont at (231) 924-8700.